Before & After

Oh boy, how embarassing!!
This week at I ♥ Faces is before and after, a non competition week. Before as in when you first started taking photos compared as to now. Sounds like fun and it is a great way to see your improvement yourself

Anyhow, these 3 images were taken in 2007 after I upgraded my SLR to a digital one.

I can see that I oversharpened and overexposed them and I probably thought I did a wonderful job. I have gone into the file info and OMG, the top one was taken at ISO 1600 (and the other 2 at ISO 400). I had no idea about using manual settings so these were taken on Av mode and obviously no idea about noise (and these have not had noise reduction). What was I thinking!!!

These are the same 3 children taken last week, the colours in the photos could be a bit vibrant but I don't really like blowing out the colours as it seems unnatural to me (to make them more colourful than what they actually are)

I can see an improvement in my skills for sure. I really need to go back over my photos and reprocess them. So please leave me a comment if you think I have improved or not :)
Go on over to and be amazed with all the other before and after stories


Becca said...

oh I love seeing your progression! (although your before pictures are good too I think!) :-)

Life with Kaishon said...

Your daughters are so cute : ). I like your pictures. I like your before pictures too : ). You have mad skillz!

Alice said...

you definitely have improved :O), although i liked your first shots also. i think the eyes really stand out more in the recent photos. and i like the angle you shot from!

my shots are posted now also. feel free to come on over for a visit anytime :O).

Foursons said...

You've definitely improved! No need to be embarrassed though- the "Before" are pretty good too!

McFadden Family said...

I think you have improved! Keep up the great work.

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