Isabella's Confirmation

Why do I hate Friday night confirmations in the middle of winter...?

...for many reasons

1. The day is hectic as the confirmation kids finished school at 1pm (so I picked up my other 3 primary age kids at the same time...and of course they were rapt with having a school free afternoon )

2. I had to get 8 children dressed and ready by 7pm and as I was the lucky one that was doing Isabella's hair. Lucky it took only an hour.

3. It was freezing!!! Being Melbourne, which is renown for having 4 seasons in a day, poor Isabella froze in her strappy number. I can honestly say that it was just winter on this day

4. Why do I insist on taking my own photos? I had them done by the school photographer once and was so disappointed so I guess that is the answer

5. If the day was cold then the night...brrrrr, we might as well have been in Siberia. I felt so sorry for those girls but I must be getting old - since when do confirmation candidates not wear white? Some girl was wearing black leggings and a blouse???

6. Because it was a Friday, it was not at our usual church (as it is still under renovation from a deliberately lit fire a couple of years ago) and it was tiny so I couldn't really invite family apart from my parents, the sponsor and us

and finally...

7. We went out to dinner afterwards and it was a late night. We went to a Turkish restaurant, it was loud and too busy. The food was not its usual standard (but my husband tells me it was because I had the flu). The highlight was the bellydancer. I saw her coming our way and said to my father to watchout and that she was coming to get him and she did...he had a ball dancing with her and we had sore sides from laughing so much. He later said that she kept poking her (.)(.) in his face..he he he

Anyway, here's my gorgeous Isabella, aged 12, going on 25

Having 8 children means many more of these occasions to come!! Hopefully not on a Friday night!!!


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